Hearing Device Fittings & Service

Hearing device technology has significantly improved in the last 5 years and are now fully digital, fully automatic, Bluetooth compatible, fully rechargeable, available in different styles and colours and have various features to monitor feedback (whistling), improve speech clarity, increase listening comfort and decrease background noise.

AudioLogic Hearing provide hearing device fittings from a range of leading brands using the latest state-of-the-art technology. We also adjust hearing devices, repair and service and provide batteries and other accessories.

Following the hearing assessment, the Audiologist will discuss the various options with you and together a hearing device will be selected based on your hearing loss, communication needs, lifestyle, budget and personal preferences. The Audiologist will help you through the entire process from the initial assessment to the hearing device fitting and follow-up visits.

At the hearing device fitting appointment, the Audiologist conducts a real-ear test to measure the match between your hearing loss and the response of your hearing device. This not only ensures a better fit, but improved satisfaction with hearing device performance.

Our Audiologists have extensive experience in fitting and adjusting hearing devices and will ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit for the lifetime of your hearing devices. Hearing device trials are available.

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