Ear Wax Removal

Earwax, or cerumen, is a waxy oil-like substance naturally produced by your ears to help trap dust, debris, microorganisms and other foreign particles. It protects the ear canal and ear drum from irritation and infection. Some people produce more wax than others due to age, frequent use of earphones, ear plugs, or hearing aid wear, or if your ears are narrow or very bendy. Wax build-up may be present in just one ear.

Ear wax can easily become impacted in the ear canal causing pain, loss of hearing, balance issues and hearing aid feedback (whistling). It is strongly discouraged to try to remove the wax yourself using cotton buds or other objects. You may scratch the skin of your ear canal causing irritation and infection or you may perforate your ear drum.

AudioLogic Hearing offer a wax removal service by highly trained Audiologists using wax ring tools (with the Vorotek O Scope) and microsuction. The Vorotek O Scope by Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT Surgeon Dr John Vorrath. The Vorotek O Scope is a headworn, hands-free, fully integrated optical system with illumination which is used by over 95% of Australian ENT surgeons. The wax is removed using wax rings and hooks without the discomfort sometimes associated with syringing the ears with water.

The most advanced method for wax removal is microsuction performed under a surgical microscope. It is quick, safe, effective, and keeps the ear canals dry unlike ear syringing.

It is preferable that the wax is softened before your appointment.

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Audiologist performing an ear wax removal procedure on a patient at AudioLogic Hearing.