Pensioners & DVA Cardholders

Pensioners playing with grandchild on white carpet. AudioLogic Hearing is accredited with the Government Hearing Services Program to provide hearing services to eligible pensioners and DVA cardholders *. To apply for this program or to check your eligibility status, please call our clinic on 03 9754 4162.

Eligible clients will be issued with a hearing services voucher online which entitles the client to a free diagnostic hearing assessment. A new voucher is generated every 3 years however this does not entitle the client to new hearing devices every 3 years. Under the current contract, clients can be refitted every 5 years. There are some exemptions such as lost or damaged beyond repaired hearing devices, change in ear health or manual dexterity issues. The latter requiring a report from the GP as evidence of change in health.

You may be eligible for free hearing devices depending on the hearing loss degree and shape. The client has the option of being fitted with fully subsidised hearing devices (free to client) or the client can pay a gap and be fitted with more advanced hearing device technology (top-up hearing devices).

There is an annual maintenance and battery fee which covers battery supply, tubing, domes, cleaning tools and repairs.

If you are a pensioner or DVA cardholder and you have not had your hearing tested or perhaps you have already been identified with a hearing loss but have not proceeded with hearing devices, call AudioLogic Hearing on 03 9754 4162 or click here to make an appointment with an Audiologist to discuss your situation further.

Our administration staff will assist you with your application form for your free hearing services voucher. Click on the link below for more information on applying for hearing services through this Program:

Click here to make an appointment at AudioLogic Hearing or call 03 9754 4162.

* Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.