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About the Li-ion Charger

From the battery technology to the design of the charger, the complete Li-ion inductive charging system is user friendly for patients with dexterity issues or who simply prefer the convenience of not handling batteries. The charging unit has a modern, minimalistic look and is easy to use, even when traveling.

  • Small, lightweight charger
  • Easy placement of miniRITE T R in the charger
  • Power on/off LED indicator on charger
  • Wall charger and USB 2.0 compliant port options, including PC, TV, car, powerbank

Touchstone capabilities of SoundDNA:

  • Speech Variable Processing
  • Phoneme Focus and Envelope Focus
  • Noise Reduction Strategies
  • Binaural Coordination
  • Data Logging
  • Real Ear Fit
  • Wireless Connectivity Accessories

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