Keri Bailey – Glen Iris

"My world was becoming quieter and quieter and I became a master of compensatory behaviour and a very strategic 'listener'. I sat in specific positions in a meeting room so I could see all speakers mouths and watched these intently but often missed the side comments which was frustrating. I avoided restaurants and other crowded situations because I just couldn't join in any conversation - so much talking and the other sounds all became blurred into one another - it just wasn't enjoyable, and of course I needed the TV turned up so loud that other family members felt they were being blasted out of the lounge room.

All that changed when I was fitted with my new very snazzy ear bling by Michelle Pasinati. My world became filled with sounds that I hadn't heard for years - I even took to making a list of all the 'new' sounds: leaves rustling, shower running, pegs jingling in the basket, sliding doors opening, paper scrunching, rain on the windows and of course all the squeaks and rattles in my old car, but best of all, I can now join in conversations and all those extraneous noises now seem to be miraculously blocked out when I am wearing my hearing aids.

If you are living in a world where you feel you may be opting out of social activities because it’s just too hard - stop and get yourself some hearing aids - aka life enhancing devices - being able to hear without undue effort is also much less tiring which in itself gives you a new lease on life."


Reginald Grouse – Toorak

"I was fitted with Phonak hearing aids by Michelle Pasinati and my hearing has shown a significant improvement. I can now hear most conversations in small group situations and even music is clearer than it was with my previous hearing aids. I would not hesitate to recommend AudioLogic Hearing and my new Phonak hearing aids."


Katherine Bentley – Malvern East

"Like most of my peers I had put off enquiring about hearing aids until I heard Michelle Pasinati address my local U3A group. Michelle gave a very informative and professional talk about all aspects of hearing difficulties and stressed her independence from the hearing aid manufacturers. With this information I hesitated no longer and have been very pleased with the results. Follow up service from AudioLogic Hearing has been excellent and I have pleasure in recommending Michelle and her company to anyone with hearing difficulties."


Pelham Clowes – Upwey

"I would like to thank you and AudioLogic for the help and advice you gave me in providing new hearing aids.

I worked in various parts of the printing trade for 50 years. The noise factor was always a constant problem and ear muffs did not generally become available until the late eighties when the damage to my hearing had already occurred.

Another company fitted me with hearing aids in 2000. I paid a yearly account for batteries and that was about all the communication we had.

I was fitted with top quality hearing aids by Michelle at AudioLogic

The hearing aids will be maintained and supplied with batteries by AudioLogic into the future.

Heartfelt thanks to Michelle from family and friends who don’t have to repeat themselves anymore. They now need to be careful what they say!"



Neil Weatherill – Belgrave

"I now have no problem at all hearing everything that the family were saying to me and in fact was even able to hear the ticking of a small clock in the living room. From the other side of the room I heard the noises as my daughter keyed text into her mobile phone. Whilst driving the car I found that I was hearing sounds from the motor that I had not heard before.

There were no occasions when I did not hear every word, nor were there any misinterpretations of things said to me.

I chaired a meeting in a fairly noisy situation and had no problem hearing everything that everybody said.

Again thank you for the opportunity, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year."


Elizabeth Williamson – Sherbrooke

"Last April I visited AudioLogic Hearing for a hearing test. I was aware that I had some hearing loss in my left ear but was rather shocked that it extended to my right ear also. Initially I had decided that if I needed a hearing aid I would purchase the small skin coloured compact models that push into your ear but I am so happy & pleased that you pointed out all the benefits of a Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid.

Because I wear my hair up I was concerned about the cosmetic factor but to my surprise and delight my colleagues did not realise that I had hearing aids until I pointed them out.

It took only 2 days for me to get totally used to wearing them. They are an expensive purchase but often we don’t think twice about spending that amount on children’s braces!

I would recommend the hearing aids to anyone especially if you are still working like me and thanks heaps Michelle for your professional & kind manner."