A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron was established in 1964 and now has a global footprint, delivering an exceptional experience in over 80 countries. They are a hearing solution company that believes people should feel really good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish. Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning.

The ingenious FLEXTM ecosystem is a collection of products, technologies, services and programs designed to make the experience of buying and wearing a hearing instrument feel easy and empowering, with a level of personalised care you simply can't get anywhere else.

When it comes to hearing care solutions, Unitron is here with a robust product offering and intelligent sound processing to meet the different needs that best fit your lifestyle. Choose from a range of technology levels and features, and upgrade easily as your needs change.

Unitron is here to empower you in the decision-making process with a real-world hearing assessment that provides insights and informs conversation about how best to personalise your hearing solution.

Experience a great first impression with Unitron's fast and unique first-fit approach. We are here to support your initial fitting with a variety of connectivity solutions and time saving tools.

Amazing experiences come out of the Blu

From impromptu road trips to running into old friends, navigating the unexpected parts of life requires spontaneity - and hearing aids that can keep up. MoxiBlu, Unitron's latest family of hearing aids, so you can go wherever the day leads.

  • Powered by Sonova PRISMTM
  • Highly advanced Integra OS
  • Smallest lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Direct connectivity

Unitron hearing aid options

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

Behind-The-Ear (BTC)

In-The-Ear (ITE)

RemotePlus app

Make your hearing journey your own with easy personalisation. The Remote Plus app allows you to boost sound clarity or listening comfort in the moment, as well as select and customise pre-set programs designed for your life. Adjustments can be made remotely, so you can have an excellent listening experience without visiting our office.

Try before you buy with - FLEX:TRIAL

FLEX:TRIAL allows you to experience the benefits of amplification in the real world, risk-free, without commitment. Whether it's a bustling restaurant or in the peace of your own home, hear the difference that a hearing solution makes. Life doesn't sound the same everyday.


FLEX:UPGRADETM addresses the fact that your needs and hearing instrument requirements can change overtime. FLEX : UPGRADE allows us to download a higher technology level to your current hearing instruments; so you can enjoy a risk-free test drive of the higher technology.

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