The future of hearing devices is here

Introducing WIDEX EVOKETM. Not only does it allow you to hear better in the moment with truly lifelike sound, it learns how you prefer to hear and improves the more you use it.

How? Refine your hearing in real time by listening to two sound profiles with the WIDEX EVOKETM app and choosing which you prefer: A or B. Each time you do it, WIDEX EVOKETM learns more about how you want to hear at that moment. You can then save your preferences and use it the next time you are in the same environment.

When you personalise your listening experience for a particular environment or activity, WIDEX EVOKETM remembers the setting and automatically applies it to similar situations in future.

WIDEX EVOKETM learns more about how people prefer to hear in millions of new and different listening situations whenever a user personalises their sound. We can then use this anonymous data to create a better sound for everyone.

So the intelligent hearing device you choose today, will become even smarter tomorrow.

The WIDEX EVOKETM App also allows you to:
  • Mute or adjust hearing device volume and use the equalizer to adjust sounds
  • Create personal programs with your own names, photos and sound adjustments
  • Add locations to programs and locate your hearing devices if lost
The sounds around you are always changing. So WIDEX EVOKETM automatically adapts to the environment – smoothly and in real time – to deliver real-life hearing.

We’ve packed WIDEX EVOKETM with twice as much knowledge about different listening situations than our previous hearing devices.

It can tell the difference between classical and rock music, a party and a business meeting, the big game and the great outdoors. So if you don’t want to interact with it, WIDEX EVOKETM will automatically select the best settings for your environment as soon as you turn it on.

WIDEX EVOKETM also provides the convenience of rechargeability, giving you the option to charge batteries at night instead of changing them every week. You can also stream phone calls and audio from your iPhone directly through WIDEX EVOKETM (with Made for iPhone model).

The world’s most intelligent hearing device is available at AudioLogic Hearing in a range of models to suit your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

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