Auditory Processing Assessment

Child hearing test auditory processing disorder.

An auditory processing disorder (APD) is a deficit in the processing of information that is specific to the auditory modality and is often associated with listening, comprehension, language, and/or learning difficulties. There is no gold standard for auditory processing (AP) testing, therefore, many audiology clinics will only perform an AP screening or a limited number of tests. At AudioLogic Hearing we provide a comprehensive AP evaluation for adults and children from 7 years of age, which identifies if there is a specific skill deficit/s present rather than simply identifying if an APD is present or absent.

The skill deficit/s should be treated specifically by evaluating areas of weakness and developing a management program to address those specific weaknesses through environmental modifications, compensatory strategies, and remediation activities that takes advantage of the ability of the brain to learn and change over time. At AudioLogic Hearing, if an auditory processing disorder is identified, an appropriate management plan targeted at the specific skill deficit/s and individualised to the patient will be administered. AP assessment and management should be multi-disciplinary in nature, therefore, speech & language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, teachers, parents, and others may all be involved in the overall care.

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